Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I've Got A Bad Driving Record, Is That A Problem, Want Best Car Insurance For Bad Drivers

Where Preferred and Standard drivers, the ones with clean past driving history, get cheap auto insurance easily, Non – Standard  drivers or simply the ‘bad – drivers’ are likely to pay a great deal more for the same insurance. These ‘bad – drivers’ pose a greater risk to the insurance companies and hence it’s challenging for them to find a cheap car insurance with a reputed company.

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Few Tips To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Bad Driving Record Are Mentioned Below:

You can get the best insurance for bad driving history by cutting down on the coverage that you expect to be given by the Insurance Company.

Look out for insurance policy that gives you accident forgiveness and include medical coverage of yours, co-passengers’ as well as the third party.

Getting into a short term policy even it has a high premium can also be considered. Being a safe driver during this short period definitely leaves you with better options.
There are a numerous sites available online which can help get the Best Car Insurance For People With A Bad Record. 

One can compare his car insurance quote on these sites to find the most relevant insurance company which not only accept riskier drivers but help same him money. Some of these sites are Esurance, Insurance.com, InsWeb, etc.

Last but not the least, learn to drive safely. You may take up some driving course. These efforts are taken into regard by the insurance company.


  • With so many companies coming up to provide car insurance to Non – Standard drivers with low premiums and appropriate coverage , Car Insurance for those with bad driving record is no more a concern. But it is equally important to understand the need for driving safely as a life lost during an accident cannot be claimed back by any car insurance company. So be safe.

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